Design Process

Breakdown of The Byoot Design Process


Byoot specialises in providing the full spectrum of design services for both residential and commercial properties in London.

We provide architectural drawings, structural engineering designs and calculations and carry out interior design for all types of spaces.

We also provide assistance with planning permission and permitted development

Byoot allows clients to take out our design services independent of our build services, or to have them both carried out together.

Design Process

Below is the Byoot design process
This meeting allows us to get an understanding of what you would like to achieve by talking through the project. We will then be able to provide you with an initial design quote.
The site survey is where your designer meets with you to begin to develop your vision in more technical detail as well as taking detailed measurements.

Once you have your proposed options, your designer will work with you to reach your final design making necessary amendments to ensure it’s absolutely perfect.

We will then prepare and submit your planning application to your local authority, regularly liaising with planning officials to ensure everything is running smoothly.
Our architectural team will provide building regulations drawings, while our structural engineers will produce structural designs and calculations.

Design Services


Byoot provides the full spectrum of design services. Most notably we provide architectural drawings for all types of projects. We allow our clients to use our design services independently of our build services.


Byoot provide detailed, project-specific advice with regards to planning permission and permitted development. We support the client throughout the whole planning permission process, liaising closely with local authorities where needed.


Byoot specialises in providing structural engineering design and calculations to meet building regulations. The types of projects this would be relevant for include loft conversions, house extensions and basements. All work is carried out by highly qualified Structural Engineers.

Interior Design

Byoot has helped dozens of clients with interior design across London, working hard to achieve designs that closely match the aesthetic the client requires. Byoot has been praised for creating spaces that are designed in a manner that is elegant, attractive and functional.

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