Valentines Day

Valentines Special – Fall In Love With Your Home All Over Again


With Valentines day on the horizon you may be looking forward to spending time with your loved one, celebrating your love and sharing a romantic moment or two. We have decided it is only fair therefore to spread the love this February, why not give your home some TLC. After a cold winter and having just come out the other end of such a cold snap, your home deserves a little love and affection. 

Declutter & Clean…

Why not start that spring clean a little early? Quite often in the winter we are keen to nestle down and it can be astonishing how quickly your home can become cluttered, harbouring all sorts of germs and dust bunnies. Sometimes less can be more and heading into spring your home might benefit from a good old clear out. Items that you no longer use you could give to Charity shops, clothes banks and for those items worth a little more you might like to sell either via a car boot or perhaps via an online platform like Ebay. Decluttering can make your home feel a lot more spacious and is a great way to show it some love this February.

Fix it…

Homeowners can often find themselves very busy over the festive period and into the new year. Fixing that squeaky door, peeling wallpaper and discoloured bathroom tile mastic is often put on hold. Doing odd jobs around the house this February can make a big difference and although might be time consuming are often inexpensive.  

Add Some Romance…

It can be a great feeling to sit back and relax in a home that has just been cleaned, with all odd jobs out of the way and with no clutter it can really help clear the mind and ground the senses. However as it is nearly valentines day why not also add a few extra romantic touches. Candles and Family Photo’s can help to add a warm, cosy feeling. For the ultimate secret to putting love in the air, why not also try using some sensual room fragrances. Whilst simple, with these tips you can now be proud to have a romantic night in on Valentines day. 

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