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The Benefits Of Using Household Artificial Intelligence


Homeowners across the UK are starting to recognise that there are many benefits of using household Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the home environment. From greater visibility and control of utilities, assistance with weekly food shops to added security and help with household cleaning chores, AI is making an impact on how we live our lives and in this blog we aim to outline just some of the main benefits to the average homeowner. 

Managing utility usage and therefore expenditure up until now is not something the average homeowner could really control to a large extent, as visibility of usage was just a bit of a guessing game. However with the introduction of home management Artificial Intelligence and SMART Technology such as Hive and Nest homeowners are empowered to take control of their utility consumption and are able to control things such as heating, lighting and hot water even if they are not at actually at home. These AI’s give homeowners greater visibility and control of their overall utility usage, meaning that homeowners can personalise and tailor there utility usage to get the best use out of it, not only that but they can control their expenditure and manage their own energy consumption, giving individuals more power to do their bit for the environment and use less energy when they feel they can manage without. 

Digital Assistants such as Amazons Alexa and Google Home are revolutionising the way in which we as consumers are purchasing household items. Online shopping has been around for many years now and quite often busy millennials rely on online shopping in order to carry out their weekly food shop, as sparing the time to physically go to the supermarket can be hard for not only working professionals but also for the elderly and disabled. With the introduction of AI and what many are calling ‘digital assistants’ into households across the UK, online shopping has been taken to the next level, allowing homeowners to merely speak to these responsive devices in order to make a purchase.

One of the most appealing aspects of AI is that one device can do many things and this can be true, for many of us it starts with a hub like Hive or Nest which are then able to communicate to other devices like Alexa or Google Home and many other digital devices. It is this sort of Machine to Machine communication which drives and supports the idea of a SMART home where all appliances/devices communicate via a central hub. Another reason many homeowners are drawn to introducing AI into their home is for security purposes, many AI’s and SMART Hubs offer the ability to connect security cameras to them to provide and overall SMART security system which again can be controlled by homeowners even if they are not at home. 

Lastly digital robots and AI can not only assist with home management and monitoring but it can also help with hands on task such as cleaning, leaving busy homeowners to concentrate on enjoying their home and getting on with other aspects of their lives. One cleaning AI gadget taking the market by storm are robot hoovers and there are currently a variety of them on the market. Using robot hoovers allows homeowners schedule the time of day, how often and where the hoover cleans. 

AI and SMART technology is definitely here to stay and whilst some devices may come and go homeowners should embrace and make the most out of the vast range of technology out there designed to make their lives easier and to give more visibility and control. 

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