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Top Tips On Choosing Home Lighting


There are a few key considerations for any homeowner looking to add home lighting solutions to their property. There are many lighting options available these days and here are just a few things you might want to consider before deciding on the best lighting options for your home. 

The size of the room and the height of the ceiling will have a massive impact on how a lighting solution looks in a particular room in your house. An especially small room with low ceilings might benefit from up-lighters, spotlights or even just some SMART lamps. In comparison a room with high ceilings might suit a low hanging lamp shade or chandelier and a particularly large room might require a few different types of lighting solutions in order to effectively light the entire room, things like strip lighting can work well for long rooms. 

Another element for homeowners to be mindful of when choosing lighting solutions is how often they are likely to want to change the style and whether they want the style of lighting in each room to match other rooms in the house. If you are likely to want to change the style quite frequently opting for lamps and ceiling lamp shades might be the way forward as apposed to fitted lights as fitted lights can not only be more expensive to buy but can also sometimes require a qualified electrician to install. 

Opting for energy efficient light bulbs is something many homeowners are choosing to do these days as not only can it help to reduce your energy consumption, which can lead to a reduction in your utility bills it also allows homeowners to do their bit for the environment. LED lights can be a very efficient choice for homeowners looking to go down the greener lighting route and these days paired with SMART metres or apps can provide a really great option for those looking to be able to manage and monitor things even when not at home.

Depending on what room of your home you are considering lighting options for, you may need to consider what type of IP Rating the light you decide upon has. An IP Rating is a code that helps us to understand how well protected a light fitting is against elements like dust and water. Therefore If you are looking for lighting for a bathroom or kitchen it is important that you choose a lighting option with the correct IP Rating in order to avoid any nasty problems later down the line.

Another consideration for homeowners looking to decide on lighting options for their home is whether they need the lights to be child or even pet friendly. If you have children then ensuring the lights you choose are considered ‘child safe’ is crucial, for example choosing a standing lamp might be considered less child safe than a ceiling light or a night stand light especially in a child’s bedroom or nursery. 

These days like with most things the lighting options available to homeowners is vast and with so many options it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Hopefully this short article has given you some things to consider before you decide on what type of lighting would be the most suitable for your home. 

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