Spring Clean

The Big Spring Clean – Key Things Homeowners Forget About


Now that spring is nearly upon us and the daffodils and tulips are starting to show themselves, many homeowners like to carry out a spring clean, to freshen up and prepare their homes for summer, however there are often things that get forgotten about. 

Door Knobs, Handles & Switches… 

Given how often we touch these it can be surprising that we forget to clean them regularly. This spring, make sure you take the opportunity to clean these germ harbouring surfaces. 

Fridge Coils… 

Refrigerator condenser coils can get clogged with dust and pet hair and therefore function less efficiently at releasing heat. This unfortunately causes it to work harder and longer, using more energy and shortening the life span of the fridge. To prevent this ensure you clean them a few times a year, with a coil cleaning brush and a vacuum. 

Water Heater…

Annually draining water from your water heater can lower your energy bills as well as extend the life of your water heater as drain sediment can build up and damage the tank. When doing your spring clean this year why not take the opportunity to give your water tank some TLC.

Exterior Damage… 

Quite often winter weather can take its toll on our homes, damaging paint work, creating holes in bricks and even damaging the roof. It might be a good idea to carry out any damage repairs to the outside of your home in spring as when summer arrives most of us will want to be out enjoying the sun not hard at work. While for some the odd spot of gardening is a welcome break to relaxing in the sun it is another thing all together to have to repaint the whole house or organise the replacement of part of your roof. 


This is something which should be done a few times a year but can easily be overlooked as gutters are often out of sight out of mind. Cleaning your gutters of leaves, sticks and potentially any nests especially after winter can be a simple job if done regularly and can prevent potential flood risks. 

Garages & Sheds…

Mice love to hide from the winter elements and burrow into dry, warm unused places. This spring it might be a good idea to check your garages, sheds and even engine compartments of any stationary vehicles you may have. 


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