bank holiday home improvements

Spring Bank Holiday Home Improvements


With the last spring bank holiday of 2019 on the horizon you may be wondering what home improvements you can do to prepare your home for the summer. 

Wardrobe space…

Putting your woolies into storage boxes is a great way to de-clutter and make room for your summer wardrobe. A wardrobe packed full of clothes for all the seasons can look messy and can get very confusing. Packing your winter wardrobe away until next year is bound to get you feeling summery and refreshed. Not only this but when you come to get your winter wardrobe out next year it will feel as if you have a new wardrobe of clothes. 

Fans/Air conditioners…

Fan’s and Air conditioning units are quite often essential items for many UK households over the summer months, however at the end of the summer they can sometimes be put away without being cleaned, even if they are cleaning they can often gather dust over winter. Why not given them some TLC this spring. Giving them a good clean will not only make sure they are working efficiently but will also ensure that they are circulating cleaner air, rather than air full of dust and pollutants. 


Keeping cool in the heat of the summer can be difficult, see our blog from last year on how to keep your house cool for some helpful advice. One of the main issues that many people have is that it can be very uncomfortable to sleep in a hot environment. Why not prepare your bedroom this spring by replacing the winter, heavy tog duvet for a lighter tog and it might also be a good idea to opt for light and airy duvet cover colours as darker colours can trap heat in.

Give your garden furniture a new lease of life… 

Up-cycling your garden furniture and even giving your shed a fresh coat of paint can be a great way to prepare your home for the summer months. The garden is quite often neglected during the winter and so it is important to give it some TLC ahead of summer as most homeowners spend a large majority of their time enjoying the sunshine in their gardens. Whilst cutting the grass and weeding are important, sprucing up garden furniture is something that is often forgotten about, even if you just give it a good clean, at least when you are looking to use it it will be ready for you. 

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