Space Saving Renovation Ideas

Space Saving Renovation Ideas


Trying to fit everyday furniture into a small home can be a difficult task for a homeowner and can make a property with limited space feel very compact and in some cases even claustrophobic. To combat this why not try incorporating pull out or fold out furniture into your renovation plans. There are many options these days for this type of furniture with many space saving renovation ideas to choose from, from pull out kitchen tables to fold down beds. If you are looking to add pull out or fold down furniture to your property, remember to communicate this to your architects and interior designers at the very start of the renovation process, they should be able to advise you on what types of pull out furniture are on the market and will be able to work with you to get the most out of your home.

These days not only do we have access to clever fold down furniture there is also dual purpose furniture, which incorporates storage or has other functions. A popular piece of dual purpose furniture at the moment is a storage bed, these types of bed usually make the most of storage underneath the bed and some even have a storage solution to conceal a TV unit at the foot of the bed, thus making even the smallest of bedrooms look spacious and clutter free.

Homeowners who have gallery kitchens or even just a very small kitchen space might want to look into having custom made cupboards installed in order to make the most of the space available. Pull out pantry cupboards, cabinets which extend all the way to the ceiling and swivel cupboards are just some of the many clever ways to conceal kitchen utensils and food supplies.

Another way to ensure you are maximising the storage potential in your home is to consider wall storage and or wall mounting. Inserting a storage unit into a wall is a clever way to make use of space that would of otherwise have been unused. Be sure to speak with your architect or builder before chipping away any walls though. If you don’t fancy inserting a storage unit into the wall, why not consider using your wall as a mount, for example you could hang pots and pans or kitchen utensils off of a wall in your kitchen this can even add to the decor of your home and provide a brilliant solution to limited kitchen storage space.

A common feature within city homes especially in places like London or Brighton, are high ceilings. This can be a beautiful addition to any property but when you have a small home with limited space it can be almost a shame not to be able to use the space. However simply adding two levels to rooms like this can double your floor space, with the ability to use both underneath the raised area and also on top of the raised area.

Believe it or not standard doors actually take up quite a lot of space, when you consider you need to allow room for the door to actually open. In this case if you are looking to be ultra space saving why not opt for sliding doors instead, this way you do not have to allow any additional space either side of the door however, still benefit from being able to close a door on a room to separate it from other rooms in your house.

Fully utilising the space in every aspect of your home is the key to making a small home look and feel a lot bigger than it actually is. This also applies to outhouses, garages and attic space, converting roof space into a home office or another bedroom can be one option or if the space isn’t big enough to be used in that capacity, even just installing efficient storage cupboards can create more storage space for you to use, which in turn allows you to have more room in the rest of the house.

And lastly homeowners looking to create the illusion that their home is bigger than it actually is should consider the decor and design of each room very carefully. Generally speaking light colours are great for create a light and airy feel and if you are really keen you could even add a splash of bright colour, having a feature wall or coloured scatter cushions are great adding personality to a small room. Speak to your interior designer and they should be able to help you decorate your small home in order to get the most out of it.

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