How to protect your garden

Scorched Britain – How To Protect Your Garden


2018 has witnessed one of the hottest summers on record and with high temperatures here to stay we have put together some helpful tip on how to protect your garden from the scorching heat of the sun. As a homeowner you will most likely want to enjoy the summer, relaxing in your garden perhaps sipping on a nice cold cider. A garden can be a place of sanctuary for many homeowners however keeping it a place of oasis in this heat can take a little bit of work and TLC. Here are our top tips to keep your garden a beautiful oasis for you and your family to enjoy.

As we all know watering your garden and plants is crucial to its survival in the heat, however homeowners should be aware that timing is also imperative. Watering plants during the day when the sun is at its highest can be detrimental as there is a high chance that the sun will speed up evaporation and plants will burn more quickly. Ideally homeowners and keen gardeners should try to water plants first thing in the morning and last thing at night to allow the water to soak into the soil. If you are finding that you are not able to spare the time to do this regularly or perhaps you are going away it might be worth considering an automatic watering system. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly way to keep your garden looking green then why not try using a water butt, using a water butt will also be very useful if a water ban is issued as you can carry on taking care of your garden.

Its always nice in the summer to smell the sweet aroma of freshly cut grass and to many of us mowing the grass is an enjoyable summer past time. It is important to remember though that sometimes long grass can act as a sun shelter and can provide the soil with some much needed shade from the direct sunlight. Homeowners should bear this in mind when cutting their lawn and perhaps use a higher setting on the lawnmower aiming to keep the lawn length beteen 3-6 inches long.

Another important thing to consider to protect your garden this summer is what type of fertiliser you are using. Seaweed based fertilisers can help plant to cope better with drought stress. Not only should you consider the type but also how much fertiliser you give plants as higher temperatures can affect the soils ability to absorb the nutrition in fertilisers and therefore feeding the plants too much can in fact cause the plants to get burnt.

A well groomed garden can be an asset to any property and can provide families with a place to escape to which is especially important in todays society as most of us lead such busy lifestyles.

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