Summer Renovation Trends

Our Summer Renovation Trends


These are our top 5 summer renovation trends:

  1. Space-saving built in storage – In todays society the majority of homeowners have an abundance of personal possessions, from clothes and accessories to SMART gadgets and appliances and we require all of our possessions to be housed in our increasingly small homes, especially for those who live in cities like London. 2018 has already seen huge demand for storage solutions to accommodate our extensive collection of personal possessions however with summer upon us more and more homeowners are looking to declutter and create that airy, light summer home vibe that we see in all the magazines. There are a variety of space saving storage solutions that architects and furniture designers all around the world have created in order to help homeowners do just this without having to take a trip to the tip. From clever shoe storage cupboards to built in appliances, why not renovate your home with one of the many space saving storage solutions on the market to achieve the trendy summer vibe for 2018.
  1. Basement extensions are the way forward – In the UK particularly in the South we are increasingly running out of land to build on and many properties already have roof extensions. In an ageing population there is now more demand than ever for housing and care and the answer for many families is for multiple generations to cohabit. This summer we will likely see an increase in the amount of homeowners who are looking for planning permission to extend down and create a basement extension. Basement extensions have been very fashionable with celebrities and the wealthy up until now however it is predicted that basement extensions will start to be much more popular with homeowners and families looking to combine assets in order to live and care for each other. 
  1. SMART Kitchens – Whilst SMART devices have been around for a little while now, fully SMART kitchens are predicted to be all the rage for homeowners looking to renovate this summer. It is likely that incorporating SMART Technology at the design and planning stages will become more and more common place. From refrigerators that alert you when you are running low on groceries to a coffee maker that you can programme to have your coffee ready for you when you wake up. Machine to Machine (M2M) Technology has revolutionised many aspects of modern day life and is predicted to be a permanent feature in UK households going forwards.
  1. Bold is back – After years of safe and neutral colours being the most popular choice for UK homeowners, rich and bold colours are coming back into fashion. Blues and greens are set to trend this summer and will be seen in everything from kitchen appliances to furniture and decorative items. 2018 will be all about emphasising character and personality and moving away from the minimalist style which has previously been so popular with homeowners. Interior designers will likely be more inclined to steer towards using dark bold blue and green colours this summer and contrast them with neutral materials to create a luxurious and elegant ambiance. 
  1. Going Green – Homeowners are increasingly eager to ‘do their bit’ to help the environment and this summer in light of the recent crack down on plastic and its effect on the eco-system, it is estimated that more and more homeowners will look to source environmentally friendly materials when renovating their property. There are many options for homeowners looking to choose eco-friendly alternatives this summer from energy efficient windows, doors and roofing to energy efficient boilers and lighting. 

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