New Energy Efficiency Rules

New Energy Efficiency Rules For Landlords


New energy efficiency rules have recently been implemented, which will see landlords of residential properties face legal repercussions if, a property they own and rent does not meet a minimum EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of an E. 

The new regulations stipulate that landlords of residential properties are liable to finance up to £3,500 including VAT per property themselves, in order make energy efficiency improvements if the property has an EPC rating of below E. Landlords may be able to access third party funding to improve rental properties with F or G ratings and may be able to secure the full cost of the work via third party funding. However if third party funding is not available a Landlord must now ensure that they spend up to £3,500 improving a properties energy efficiency, this has recently been increased from £2,500. 

If after having spent £3,500 on energy efficiency works the EPC rating was still below E landlords would be able to register an exemption. However it is important to note that landlords wishing to do this would have to provide evidence of the energy efficiency work costing at least £3,500 and also three quotations detailing that further energy efficiency measures to bring the properties EPC rating up would exceed £3,500. 

Landlords are entitled to make any improvements that they wish however if the improvements are not relevant to improving the energy efficiency of the property and the property still achieves an EPC rating of below an E then the landlord will be required to take further action to improve the energy efficiency so as a landlord it is very important to be selective about the measures you take. 

Local Authorities are currently enforcing these new rules and so as a landlord if your property has an EPC rating of under E then you should take action as soon as possible to ensure that you are meeting the new requirements in order to avoid legal penalties. 

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