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A Landlords Guide To Keeping Tenants Happy


So you have made the decision to rent your property out and you have managed to find the perfect tenants who are looking to rent the property on a long term basis. As a landlord this may be just the outcome you were hoping for in order to get return on your investment. Nonetheless just because you have managed to get yourself some good tenants, as a landlord you will need to ensure that you keep your tenants happy in their new home in order to prevent them from moving on. 

As a landlord you still have a duty to keep up any property repairs, providing the property has been looked after by the tenants, general wear and tear repairs for example if a door handle breaks or the shower leaks and even things like boiler repairs are the landlords responsibility. It is therefore important to not only be aware of this but also ensure that you have funds available to foot the bill for any unexpected repairs on your rental property. 

In order to ensure that your tenants feel safe and secure in their home as well as to adhere to legal requirements it is important that you ensure that you keep the properties appliances and equipment serviced accordingly. For example it is recommended that a boiler be serviced annually in order to keep it operating safely at peak efficiency, not only this but as a landlord you may want to rely on the warranty at some point and by having it serviced as recommended it will ensure that your warranty stays valid. Other appliances that may need to be serviced regularly include; open fires, log burning stoves, AGA’s and potentially even things like fridge/freezers.

Being a landlord might not be your full time job nonetheless it is important to be contactable and respond to any queries in a timely manor. Your tenants may need to get in touch with you perhaps even when you least expect it and it is important that you are reasonably contactable, you may even want to let them know if you are planning to be uncontactable for any length of time, for example if you have a planned holiday or are going to be out of the country, you could even suggest an alternative number they can call in emergencies, perhaps a friend or family member. Although this is not necessary as such, it will more than likely be appreciated by your tenant and help to form the foundations of a good landlord-tenant relationship. 

Tenants, especially long term tenants are not only likely to be using your property as a house but more over as a home. It is therefore important to remember that everyone likes a bit of privacy in their home and as such will not want to received unannounced drop in visits especially from their landlord. If you need to make a visit to the property you are entitled to do so however be sure to arrange a convenient day and time with your tenants. 

As a general rule as a private landlord you should have a hands on approach and as such be able to manage the property and be directly contactable. If however you are looking to take a less hands on approach these days there are many options for landlords to use management companies to delegate certain responsibilities to for a fee. 

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