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Keeping Your House Cool This Summer


With temperatures reaching the mid to late twenties, keeping your house cool this summer is high on many UK homeowners priority list. The summer months can make relaxing in our homes uncomfortable and for many especially those living in cities such as London, where because the population is so dense and the sky rise buildings trap heat in, homeowners are seeking to find the most effective way to keep their homes cool. We have decided to put together some of the best ways we think homeowners can cope with the heat this summer. 

Keep the cool air in! Overnight the temperature of the air tends to fall and therefore tends to be a more comfortable temperature. In order to keep this cooler night air inside your home for longer why not try and keep your curtains drawn during the day, especially when the sun is at its peak from midday to 4pm. You might also want to then completely ventilate your home by opening as many windows and doors as you can, once the sun goes down. This will allow fresh, cool night air to be circulated throughout your property. 

These days there is a gadget for everything and with top of the range fans from brands such as Dyson, a fan doesn’t even need to have blades and can also purify the air which again is great if you live in a big city like London. If however you feel like you need something stronger than a fan, then an air conditioning unit might be the answer for you. Some homes especially old buildings built with solid brick walls can get very hot, especially if the home has an upstairs, as heat rises. If your house gets particularly hot in the summer you might want to consider investing in an air conditioning unit. There is a vast range of choice for the average homeowner to choose from, from units that are effective right the way through the house to smaller units which keep one room at a time cool, no matter your budget there is something for everyone. With the integration of SMART technology fans and air con units can be a very effective way to keep a house or flat cool this summer. 

Another thing to consider when trying to be comfortable in your home throughout the summer months is how warm your body temperature is. There are some simple things you can do to cool down, which can help you relax in your home. Firstly try having a cold/cool shower or if that is a bit too daring for you why not just try running your wrists and ankles under cold water, this will lower your body temperature and help to keep you cool. It is also really important to keep hydrated in hot weather as your body will need the extra water to cope with the heat. 

Keep home furnishings and decor light! having a dark coloured duvet set with a 13.5 tog quilt might be lovely and cosy in the winter months but in the summer you are more likely to need a lighter quilt to enable you to be more comfortable sleeping in your home. Light colour schemes can also help to make a room feel cooler as dark materials can often trap the heat in. 

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