How to make your new build stand out from the crowd


New build houses these days can have a reputation of being ‘boxy’ and ‘all the same’, lacking in character and individuality. For some homebuyers this is an appealing quality however for many the notion is slightly off putting. If you are a homeowner of a new build or are looking to purchase a new build house, we have a few tips on how to make your new build property stand out from the crowd. Just because you have bought a new build does not mean you can’t renovate or make home improvements in order to better suit your needs, think of it as a blank canvas.  

One of the first things to consider is whether you would like to add any statement features. Quite often new build rooms are practically designed and you might find things such as fire doors a fixture throughout, this is probably something that the developer has had to install in order to stick to regulations. However this does not mean that you have to keep them, replacing them with barn doors or even feature glass doors can add personality and character to even the most modern of houses. Other statement features to consider are things like; fireplaces, AGA’s and even moulding or coving. Adding features like feature coving can prevent that ‘boxy’ feeling associated with new build homes. It is important to make statement features an initial consideration as they can often be more time consuming and expensive but often are the foundations for designing a truly unique property.  

Once you have chosen whether you would like to include any statement features you might want to consider how you would like to decorate. In order to appeal to a large audience quite often new build properties are decorated very neutrally and therefore can lack personality and charm. Don’t be afraid to decorate your new build, adding colour, patterns and wall art to rooms is a great way to inject life and personality into a bland ‘one size fits all’ room.

Next you should consider what type of furniture you would like to add, just because you have a new build home does not mean you have to opt for modern looking furniture, why not consider vintage pieces or even handmade decorative furniture. In addition to furniture also consider what lighting and light fixtures you would like, often lighting can be a real statement and can depict and enhance the style of a room.

As already mentioned new builds are often designed to appeal to a large target market and therefore even things like the carpets are neutral and even sometimes a little industrial looking. If replacing the carpets doesn’t appeal to you however, why not look at adding a feature rug, ensuring that it matches the theme of the room. Including a rug can really help to not only make the room feel more cosy but to also add character.

 Lastly, don’t forget first impressions count and new build properties are no exception. Quite often a new build can be spotted a mile away and not just because of the new shiny bricks and mortar, but primarily because they tend to all look the same and can lack personality. Why not consider adding a climbing trellis plant to the front of the house and perhaps even a consider a different front door design.

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