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Household Cleaning Hacks For Busy Millennials


These days keeping a home clean and tidy can seem like a huge burden, with busy professional and social lives millennials can often find themselves wondering how to fit in the time to ensure there living space is clean, tidy and enjoyable. The good news is Byoot has some helpful cleaning hacks for busy homeowners and here they are.

Firstly lets start with the all important bathroom, no one likes a dirty bathroom. Homeowners use this room to clean themselves and to relax, ensuring it is clean and fit for purpose therefore is important to the overall functionality of the room. Luckily these days spending hours scrubbing everything down is not always necessary especially if some of our regular cleaning hacks are put into place. Firstly it is important to ensure that your bathroom is properly ventilated to prevent damp settling on surfaces and causing mould and mildew build up, extractor fans and windows, especially windows with safety locks and ventilation gaps are great ways to ensure a good level of ventilation. Although appropriately ventilating a bathroom should help to prevent the build up of mould it may not completely eradicate it and so therefore it is important to also ensure that you also regularly use cleaning products that are specifically designed to target these problem areas. However don’t panic, quickly applying cleaning products to the shower, bath and sink every other morning after you use them, before you go to work for example and then rinsing them down once you come home from work, should save you time and allow the products to work their magic whilst you are out and about, meaning that dirt should not need to be scrubbed at in order to be removed, a simple rinse should suffice, especially if you do not allow the dirt to build up over time. If you do this however please do remember to ensure that the room is appropriately ventilated as many cleaning products can emit potentially harmful toxins. Another helpful tip is to insert a cleaning tablet into the cistern of your toilet, this should prevent you from having to use that pesky toilet brush so regularly and save you time in the long run as well as providing a nice fresh scent with every flush. 

Moving onto the kitchen, this is a room that is usually the one of the main hubs of any household with it usually being used the most out of any room in a house, so it is no wonder that this room can get untidy quite quickly. However we have some quick tips for homeowners looking to keep there kitchens looking great for longer. For busy homeowners It can often be quite tempting to leave dirty dishes pilled up at the side of sink or the dishwasher this can often mean that smells linger throughout the day, bacteria is encouraged to build up and spread and not only that but dirt can be harder to remove after a long period of time so all in all it is actually easier in the long run to keep on top of dirty dishes. The kitchen sink is usually used to wash dishes, hands and foods as well as in some cases used as a disposal system for any liquid waste, with the kitchen sink being such a broadly used facility it is important to give it some TLC and ensure that it is cleaned regularly in order to prevent odours and dirt build up. As a general rule regularly pouring some bleach down all sinks in your house can help to prevent drainage problems in the future and only takes a few seconds that’s what we would call a win win. 

There are also some cleaning tips that can be applied across the whole house for example using microfibre dusters instead of ordinary dusters prevents the spread of dust, making dusting a quicker and overall easier household chore. And if you haven’t already why not purchase a hand held cordless hoover, using this on a regular basis can reduce the need to do a thorough hoover so often and can come in very handy if you have a pet, as pet hair has a habit of getting into the most difficult to reach places. 

Unfortunately there are no magic wands In order to keep your property clean and tidy but with a bit of regular effort in the long run your life can be made easier and you can benefit from a clean and tidy house that all your friends will be jealous of no matter how busy your lifestyle. 

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