Home Renovation Trend Predictions

Home Renovation Trend Predictions for 2019


With 2019 just round the corner homeowners considering doing some home improvement in the new year might be keen to find out what’s going to be on trend in 2019. To help homeowners get some inspiration we have put together some of our top home renovation trend predictions for 2019.

Technology has been a big part of home improvement for a while now and has empowered and enabled many homeowners to dabble in some home improvement work. 2019 is set to see a record number of millennials doing DIY around the home due to the vast library of online youtube tutorial videos available and the tech savvy attitude of this segment. Millennials are more likely than ever before to turn to Youtube for simple DIY projects, however due to busy lifestyles are still likely to pay a professional for more complex home improvement work. 

In terms of style and design homeowners should expect 2019 to be a year of natural materials and geometric patterns. With many homeowners becoming more and more aware of the effect of unnatural materials on the environment, there is expected to be a big rise in the demand for more natural materials for home furniture such as stone, copper, concrete, granite and wood. 

As for colours homeowners looking to stay on trend in 2019 should be looking to add blush tones in combination with greys or for a more statement room, bold colours like navy or green. 

In a time of economic uncertainty many UK homeowners are keen to support their local economy and buy local. The demand for handmade furniture and home decor is expected to continue to be popular among homeowners, not only looking for unique pieces but also those who are looking to help support their community.

City living will still be a sought after way of life in 2019 and for homeowners lucky enough to live in the city centre will likely be looking for ways to save space. Space saving ideas such as wall hung toilets are likely to become increasingly popular, especially in towns and cities where homeowners are looking to make the most out of the space they have. Not only do wall hung toilets save space but they also save on water making them a very desirable option for homeowners throughout the UK. 

Lastly but not leastly on our list of trend predictions for 2019 are vertical gardens. This modern concept has only really started to trend in the last year or so and again is very popular for property owners in cities. Wall planters, climbing plants and vegetables are a great way to add a garden feel to your property even if you do not have the ground space for a garden.  The Chelsea Flower Show 2018 featured vertical gardens and we are expecting to see their popularity increase even more so in 2019.

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