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Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of pounds on home improvement. At Byoot we help homeowners get the most out of their renovation budget and achieve fabulous home renovation results. We have come up with some top tips that we would like to share with homeowners all over world looking to renovate their property. 

Fashion is overrated! This is certainly true for home decor for a discerning homeowner on a tight budget. Instead of choosing styles that are ‘currently in fashion’ we recommend sticking to more classic, simple and timeless styles. What’s in fashion today can quickly go out of fashion tomorrow! opting for timeless colour schemes and designs will ultimately mean that you will be able to get the most ROI on your renovation efforts. To keep things up to date why not instead think about refreshing small items like cushions, lamp shades and candles to stay on trend and in line with current fashion. These types of items are generally a lot less expensive and can be changed easily to create a different vibe for your home. 

Many of us are familiar with online second hand sites such as Ebay and Spock which act a bit like an online version of a car boot sale, making second hand items accessible to everyone with an internet connection. Despite being familiar with these websites many homeowners are still reluctant to buy household furniture and furnishings through these sites. Purchasing second hand furniture can be a great way to save money and these days up-cycling is a very popular way of making the old new again, Instead of used, think antique or unique. It is important to be able to sift through all of the clutter though and be able to spot the piece that is right for you, this may take time but can be very rewarding when you find a bargain that helps to make your house a home. 

Taking on a renovation project, up-cycling or even just giving a room a lick of paint can seem overwhelming for busy homeowners who are often trying to squeeze home improvement efforts into their ‘down time’. Asking friends and family for a helping hand can be a great way to save time and also prevent you from having to take time off from your day job to get the renovation work done.

Renovating, DIY and Home Improvement projects can be very rewarding for homeowners to take on and if the homeowners themselves are capable and willing to take a hands on approach it can be a great way to save money. However it is important to know your limits and to know when to call in the professionals, It can be very dangerous to take on renovation work that you are not qualified or capable of doing, let alone the risk to your health and physical wellbeing there is also the risk that you won’t get it right first time and have to spend the money to redo the work. At Byoot we can help you find qualified and affordable trade professionals, architects and interior designers to help you with your renovation project. 

Lastly but by all means not leastly, it is important that you have a plan. Home improvement can be an ongoing and never ending task and it can be easy to get carried away. If you are trying to stick to a budget it critical to also make time based plans, things like gantt charts can help you to identify projects that can overlap and also the tasks which are reliant on others being completed. Ascertaining these things at an early stage can help you to identify any problems and hopefully prevent any mistakes or errors or even just duplicated efforts. Byoot’s is an award winning proptech company, we can provide you with all the tools you need in order to effectively plan your renovation project.

Byoot provides a full turnkey solution to our clients, from planning, architects, structural engineers, building control and the build, leaving our clients to focus on their day jobs while we do ours. If you are thinking of extending, renovating or improving your home speak to one of the team on 0208 4509185 or send us an email at info@byoot.co.uk

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