Home Decoration Ideas For Halloween


Whilst celebrating Halloween is largely an American tradition, it is becoming more and more popular here in the UK. Homeowners are keen to show off their creative flare. We have put together our top 10 home decoration ideas for Halloween. 

So whether you are hosting a children’s Halloween party or perhaps you are having an adult’s only house party, these 10 decoration ideas are bound to give your home a spooky atmosphere, perfect for celebrating Halloween. 

  1. Lighting – can have a big impact on the atmosphere in a room and it is no different when decorating your home for Halloween. You might want to consider the position of your lamps and move them accordingly to create shadows and dark corners, you may even want to consider putting material over lampshades to create a spooky vibe. In addition to making your current light sources spooky, candles can help to add an eery atmosphere and for those who don’t want to use real candles there are plenty of realistic LED candles on the market these days. They can even be used after Halloween has passed. 
  2. Pumpkins – are traditionally associated with Halloween and many homeowners use pumpkins to create wonderfully spooky characters and scenes. However why not also use a hollowed out pumpkin as a bowl for punch or sweets. 
  3. Paper craft – can be a fun way to get the whole family involved in decorating your home for Halloween. Why not get the whole family or a group of friends to help you make bats, pumpkins, spider webs, which you can display around your home? For homeowners who perhaps aren’t so crafty you could even simply cut two round white circles and two smaller black circles out of some paper and you’ve got a pair of creepy eyes… spooky!
  4. Dress up existing furniture – Just because its Halloween doesn’t mean you have to spend fortunes on fancy decorations. Get creative and use what you have at your disposal, that old first aid kit might actually come in useful! Why not try wrapping bandages around existing items in your home such as pillows and curtains to give a mummified, zombie effect. Coupled with some of those creepy eyes you are on your way to creating a haunted house. 
  5. Colours – are very important when decorating for Halloween. Typically, black, red and orange are the colours associated with Halloween. To be able to get a realistic haunted house vibe why not try and remove or disguise anything which doesn’t fit in with the Halloween theme.
  6. Get creative in the kitchen – These days there are many different recipes for spooky looking food, from pumpkin cheese balls to coffin cookies. If you aren’t keen on cooking or baking most retailers sell Halloween themed food so there is no need to miss out.
  7. Music & Sounds – in scary films most of the time the dramatic music adds to the suspense and quite often actually makes the film scarier than if it didn’t have the music. Try having some scary music playing in the background to add that extra bit of spookiness to your home. 
  8. First impressions count – don’t forget to add a touch of Halloween to the front of your home, it can be easy to get carried away with decorating the inside of your house but don’t forget that the outside of your property is the first part to be seen. 
  9. Homemade garlands and bunting – are a great way to decorate your home this Halloween and can be made from scraps of material such as an old pair of curtains. Why not try hanging your homemade garland or bunting on your fireplace or your staircase. 
  10. Get in on the theme – now that your home is suitably spooky why not go and get yourself in character. Greeting your guests at the door in Halloween costume should complete the overall haunted house atmosphere and your guests are bound to be impressed.

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