Carpets are still a good flooring choice

Here’s Why Carpets Are Still A Good Flooring Choice For Homeowners


With so many types of flooring to choose from it can sometimes feel overwhelming to know what type of flooring is best for your home. We have put together a few of our thoughts on why we think carpets are still a good flooring choice for homeowners. From wood, laminate and tiles to granite and even cork there is an extensive amount of materials from which homeowners can choose from ranging from high to low on the pricing spectrum however carpet offers a list of benefits that other materials struggle to match. 

Firstly carpets provide additional insulation for the home, ensuring that homeowners stay warm and cosy in the winter time and cool in the summer time. Insulation is an incredibly important factor and should be on the top of every homeowners wish list when it comes to choosing flooring options. Selecting a flooring option which offers good insulation can not only save you money but is also more efficient and therefore is more eco-friendly. Not only do carpets act as good insulation to keep hot or cool air in they also offer a sound dampening solution. Sometimes in busy family homes it can be nice to shut the door and just be in that moment, carpets can add an extra level of noise defence that other flooring options can’t compete with.

For those homeowners who are fashion conscious and style is the number one priority, the good news is that these days are so many different styles of carpets out there with the main ones being saxony, berber, frieze and cut and loop. Saxony is normally the most popular and is a cut pile that is medium height , they can range from plush which is a velvety appearance to a textured appearance. With so many different designs of carpets out there homeowners are bound to find something to suit there style and compliment the rest of the home decor, we could even go as far as to say that the right carpet can be the main feature in the room. 

Carpets have in the best been under a lot of speculation about cleanliness in the past, with many claiming that other flooring counterparts are cleaner and less likely to collect dirt and dust however most of the carpets nowadays are designed so that homeowners can easily maintain and clean them. Of course it is still important to regularly clean all flooring types in order to keep a good level of cleanliness in your home. 

Homeowners these days have a wide variety of choice when it comes down to the type & style of flooring and whilst each type has it’s own list of benefits and attractive qualities carpets are up there with the best of them and are definitely worth considering when renovating your home. 

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