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Tips For Achieving Good Feng Shui In Your Home


The feng shui of a property is determined by factors both inside and outside the house. Creating good outside feng shui can be the starting point for anyone looking to improve the overall feng shui of their home, as if a house has a seemingly challenging exterior feng shui it can be very difficult to achieve positive feng shui inside the house. A good feng shui garden will help attract nourishing, high quality energy to your home. Big or small your garden is the space that surrounds your home and therefore your life, creating a positive, nourishing, welcoming environment is the very beginning on the journey to achieving a good feng shui for your home. 

Once the outside space of your home is full of positive energy it is important to keep this energy flowing into the home. The entry door to a house is said to represent how ‘chi’ (which in Chinese philosophy means circulating life force) enters your home and life, so it is important to ensure that there is a good energy flow to your front door, without unnecessary blockages or clutter. 

Water is known to be associated with wealth and prosperity and so in order to let wealth pour into your life why not include a water element such as a water fountain or feature at the entry of your home, remember though to direct the flow of the water to the centre of the home in order to encourage prosperity to flow towards your life rather than away from it. 

There are various feng shui considerations for every room when designing your home some of these include; ensuring that there is no space above kitchen cabinets, as space can attract dust and stagnant energy. If there is space above kitchen cabinets then consider adding a few plants to break up the negative energy. And in a bedroom it is important to place a bed in the ‘commanding position’ ideally facing the door. In feng shui the command position of a room places you in the best place to deal with whatever comes into your life, this can also be true for other large items of furniture such as a sofa in the living room and even a kitchen or dining room table. 

Homeowners looking to create the best feng shui for their home will need to consider how to make the best use of natural elements such as light & air to purify and clean their home and therefore their lives. Large floor to ceiling windows and doors can help to brighten and ventilate the home, releasing any negative energy. It is also very important to keep windows clean to allow the opportunity for the maximum amount of light to be able to flow into the home. 

Another important element of creating a positive home feng shui is to create a clutter free environment which will signify a clutter free life. Busy millennials quite often can get easily distracted with materialistic clutter which distracts the mind and creates a negative feng shui. Having a regular spring clean, clearing out all items in the property that do not serve a purpose can help focus the mind and create positive energy. 

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