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Whether you are looking to go green, save money or just stay warm this winter there are some changes and home improvements which can allow homeowners to benefit from retaining as much heat in their homes as possible.

As heat rises it is crucial that a properties loft space has efficient insulation, approximately 25% of the heat produced by your boiler is likely to escape via the roof and so ensuring that you have loft insulation correctly installed in your roof space, is high up on the list of priorities for doing your bit for the environment and also reducing your energy bills. Generally speaking loft insulation is relatively cheap and easy to do and the results can be noticed instantly. There are many options to consider when choosing how to insulate the roof. Byoot can help you make the best decision possible and organise the best trade professionals to carry out work.

Although it may have been quite obvious that your roof will benefit from insulation, you may be surprised to learn that up to a staggering 35% of the heat lost in a home is from un-insulated walls, especially in older houses perhaps in need of renovation. Walls tend to be either solid walls or cavity walls and predominantly properties built before 1930 were built with solid walls and homes built after this time are usually cavity walls. Generally speaking solid walls are slightly more complicated and can be rather costly to insulate compared to cavity walls. However insulating your walls whether cavity or solid is well worth doing as, in the long run it will help to dramatically reduce your energy bills, which will in turn help the environment and also make your home a much more comfortable living space.

By insulating the roof and the walls you will have greatly improved the efficiency of your home, however if you ignore the windows and doors you could end up with draughts around these areas and so will not benefit as much from your hard work else where in the house. Depending on your budget and how thorough and energy efficient you would like to be, triple glazing is by far one the best ways to insulate windows and doors. With three panes of glass filled with insulating argon gas, triple glazing boasts that it is able to block out noise as well as the cold air.

So far the focus has been on how to insulate and prevent heat loss, however there are now new ways in which to proactively use natural resources to generate energy and become more self sufficient. With the relatively recent introduction of solar panels, cutting your carbon footprint and saving money has never been more achievable. And the future looks greener too, with companies now offering and developing solar tiles being designed to be used in place of ordinary roof tiles, it can be a very attractive option for homeowners looking to take the next step towards going green.

Another way in which to ensure your home is efficient is by checking the energy efficiency of your boiler. It might not be something that springs to mind initially but making sure your boiler is efficient can make a big difference. It may be worth replacing your boiler, especially if it’s more than 6 years old as older boilers only tend to have efficiencies of around 60%-70% compared to a new modern condensing boiler which tends to be around 95% efficient. A qualified Gas Safe plumbing and heating engineer should be able to let you know how efficient your current boiler is.

Lastly perhaps one of the most inexpensive and easy ways to reduce your energy bills is by changing your light bulbs from halogen to LED. LED bulbs generally use up to 90% less energy than an incandescent or halogen bulb. LEDs are generally far more efficient at converting electricity with very little energy wasted on heat and therefore can be an excellent starting point for property owners looking to be more ‘green’.

Whether you are looking to make some small changes to improve your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills or larger more impactful changes, as they say every little helps and we should all do our bit. Not only will it make your home a more comfortable one whilst you are living there, adding ‘green’ features will be a big selling point to future buyers once you are ready to sell.

For those currently considering renovating their property and looking for ways to make their house as efficient as possible why not speak to Byoot for help deciding on the best options for you and your home.

Byoot provides a full turnkey solution to our clients, from planning, architects, structural engineers, building control and the build, leaving our clients to focus on their day jobs while we do ours. If you are thinking of extending, renovating or improving your home speak to one of the team on 0208 4509185 or send us an email at info@byoot.co.uk

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