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Get Your Home Winter Ready With These Top Tips


As the weather gets colder homeowners may want to make sure that they are prepared for the winter ahead as rain, ice and snow can cause major problems for property owners and the damage caused can often be quite costly to repair. We have put together our top tips for getting your home winter ready so as that you can try and prevent problems and enjoy the festive season with peace of mind. 

Top Tip No 1 – Make sure your house is properly insulated.

Insulation is paramount to efficiently and effectively heating your home, if your property is not properly insulated you are bound to be wasting valuable energy to heat your home. It is likely to take much more energy to keep a poorly insulated property warm and therefore it is not only bad for the environment but also your bank balance. 

Top Tip No 2 – Clear your gutters and drains.

Autumn can be such a beautiful time of year with the leaves on trees changing colour and falling onto the ground below, however this can cause your drains and gutters to get clogged up with leaves and debris. A blocked drain can cause drainage problems and can lead to flooding which can obviously be a huge issue for any homeowner. 

Top Tip No 3 – Get your boiler serviced.

The last thing any homeowner needs is the boiler to break in the middle of winter, having your boiler given the once over by a qualified gas safe engineer will highlight any problems early giving you enough time to get it fixed before you really need it. 

Top Tip No 4 – Get your chimney swept.

A wood burning stove or open fireplace are wonderful additions to any home and often create a wonderful festive atmosphere, however it is important to maintain them in order to prevent a chimney fire. It is recommended that homeowners get their chimney swept at least once a year and also follow the correct fire safety guidelines. 

Top Tip No 5 – Bleed you radiators

Trapped air in a radiator can prevent heat from circulating through the radiator properly. By bleeding radiators you are releasing the air and therefore allowing the radiators to more effectively heat your home. 

Top Tip No 6 – Put kitchen foil behind radiators

In order to increase the effectiveness of your radiators why not try putting kitchen foil behind the radiator, this will help to push the heat into the room rather than into the wall. 

Top Tip No 7 – Regularly put your heating on even if it is just on low.

Whilst you are not in your home you may think that there is no need to have the heating on and in some respects this logic is correct, however having your heating turned off for long periods of time can cause your pipes to freeze. To avoid this you may want to regularly put your heating on even if it is just on a low setting. You may find SMART technology helpful in order to help you manage and control your heating remotely.

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