FOR SALE – Top Tips To Help Sell Your Home


Putting your property up for sale can be an exciting but also nail bitting experience for homeowners, so to help you through it we have put together our top tips to help you sell your house as quickly as possible.

Making the house as attractive and appealing as it can be should be the primary objective for any homeowner putting their property up for sale. First and foremost it is crucial to make sure you have a good spring clean, ensuring there isn’t a cobweb in sight. Some potential buyers may be able to see past dust and dirt however, it generally isn’t a nice experience to view a dirty or even a ‘lived in house’ and it might even affect the type of offers you get, ultimately meaning you may have to compromise on the asking price. Cleaning your home from top to bottom just before a viewing can not only make the viewing experience a nicer one for your potential buyers but will also help increase the value of your property. Another thing you may want to consider is decluttering, as walking into a house full of other peoples possessions can make it hard for a potential buyer to picture it being their home. Sometimes less is more, so why not make it easier for viewers by creating a decluttered, simply decorated, blank canvas so as that it is easier for others to imagine what it would look like if they were to buy your property. In addition decluttering a room and toning down decoration can also make room look larger than it actually is.

Making sure your house is clean and tidy can go a long way to making potential buyers want to sign on the dotted line, however why not add that little extra special touch. The way a house smells has long been known to affect the desirability of a home. You could try baking a cake or loaf of bread, or even just lighting a few scented candles or placing a few fragrance diffusers around the house. Remember though whilst you might like that strong flowery smell it may not be to everyones taste, so sometimes it is best to stick with more neutral fragrances such as ‘fresh cotton’. 

It is said that it only takes seven seconds for a person to have formed a first impression of someone or something so therefore it is imperative to make your home as appealing as possible right from the very first moment a potential buyer sets eyes on your property. Ensuring that the front garden is pruned, the front door painted, fresh flowers in pots and the grass freshly cut are all small things you can do to make a lasting first impression on potential buyers and set a good tone for the rest of the house viewing.

Lastly in order to give your property the best chance to sell itself you might want to consider arranging a property viewing when the whole family is out of the house and that includes the pet dog. It is important to let potential buyers get the chance to really take the property in without the distraction of little Jonny jumping all over the furniture and Lisa playing loud music in her bedroom as teenagers do. Vacating the property for an hour or so while a viewing is taking place whilst might seem inconvenient at the time can help to sell your home and make the whole experience easier and more comfortable for everyone involved. 

All of these things can be finishing touches to get your house ready for a property viewing with a potential buyer however, it is also important to remember that to really get the best value for your home even before you put your house on the market you might need to do some renovation work or perhaps even extend your home. Renovating and extending your home can potentially increase the value of your home significantly so can be well worth the effort. If you need help with a renovation or extension project Byoot can help you. 

Byoot provides a full turnkey solution to our clients, from planning, architects, structural engineers, building control and the build, leaving our clients to focus on their day jobs while we do ours. If you are thinking of extending, renovating or improving your home speak to one of the team on 0208 4509185 or send us an email at

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