Perfect Rental House

Designing The Perfect Rental House


Homeowners looking to create the perfect rental house by renovating their property in order to rent the house out to tenants, may need to consider a different set of renovation requirements than those of a homeowner looking to renovate their home.

First and foremost it is important to ensure that everything you are looking to do fits in with the legal requirements that all landlords must adhere to. Ensuring that there is a sufficient amount of fire exists and alarms for the size of the house as well as things like CO2 alarms especially in rooms with features like open fires or woodturning stoves are just some legal requirements to bear in mind. 

Secondly when considering room layout and structure it is really important to consider how functional things are. functionality is paramount to having a house with great rental value, if a property is not functional it can really hinder it’s curb appeal and may make it very difficult to gain rental interest. For example if you are looking to rent your property out however the staircase is very steep without a handrail it could make potential renters think twice and consider whether the staircase is functional for everyday use. People who are looking to rent a property are usually not looking to do any work to a property and in most cases it is actually written into rental agreements that renters will not make any changes to a property, therefore it is important that landlords ensure their properties are up to a common standard of functionality. 

It is also crucial to consider how functional and long lasting your fixtures and fittings are, as a landlord you have a duty of care to provide your tenant with a property which is fit for purpose and as a tenant they have to responsibly take care of the property. By ensuring that you fit things durable carpets and flooring you are taking the appropriate steps to making the property fit for purpose, as whilst you might like to hope that your tenants would take their shoes off at the front door, you will not be able to manage this. Choosing durable fixtures and fittings is not just limited to flooring, remember to use this logic throughout the whole house. Choosing dark tiles and dark grouting for example is a good way to ensure that the bathroom looks at its best for longer as often white/light tiles and grouting can look naturally grubby after time.

As previously mentioned tenants are usually not looking to make any changes to a property other than add their personal belongings, which may include paintings and pictures, so typically renters are looking for properties decorated in neutral colours so as that they can have a blank canvas to work with. 

As a landlord you will take on the responsibility of maintenance of any furniture or appliances that come with the property so this is worth considering when deciding whether or not to build appliances into the fitted kitchen design. Whilst fitted kitchens can look lovely as they often disguise appliances as cupboards, making them camouflage into the overall design of the kitchen, it is worth considering how costly it would be to have to maintain/replace the appliances should anything go wrong with them and whether you are happy to carry the burden of this cost or would rather put this cost onto your tenants. Some renters do actually look for properties that provide fitted appliances and furniture so it is worth considering what type of people you are trying to appeal to, more often than not though it can be a little bit of a compromise. For example most tenants would expect a fridge/freezer however might not expect appliances such as a microwave or a sofa. 

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