Common Renovation Problems


Common issues for running behind schedule or over budget on a renovation project
When building or renovating a property it can be very easy to fall behind schedule or overspend on
your budget and have to put the renovation project on hold until funds are put in place to continue.
Here are some of the most common reasons why this happens and some tips on how to try and
avoid these issues:

• Planning permission – Usually when looking to extend and renovate your home you will need
to apply for either permitted development or planning permission. Depending on where you live
and the extent to which you wish to develop your home this can be a very lengthy process and
can leave you waiting for approval to start the work and or having to reapply due to restrictions,
delaying your scheduled plan and holding up your renovation project. With extensive experience
with the planning process, Byoot can help our clients with their planning permission and
permitted development applications and potentially avoid complications and reapplications, we
can be on hand to advise and support homeowners right the way through the planning process,
decreasing the likelihood of running behind schedule.

• Not hiring the right trade professionals for the job -There are many professionals needed for
property renovation and extension projects, from architects, builders, plasterers and plumbers to
electricians and interior designers. Ensuring you hire the right people for the job can be an
extensive process and the risk of hiring a ‘cowboy’ or ‘rouge’ trader can be a daunting prospect
for any homeowner looking to renovate their home. Not only this but even if you manage to
select legitimate professionals there is a good chance that they have never worked together so
might not work efficiently and in the most streamlined fashion. Byoot have a repertoire of regular
trade professionals they work with and can recommend to clients, taking away the stress of
finding the right person for the job and also ensuring that the professionals work together in the
most efficient streamlined way in order to stay on schedule.

• Underestimating costs – Having a budget is crucial for any renovation project, however it is
important to be realistic and honest with yourself instead of being idealistic when setting your
property renovation budget. It is also good practice to leave a contingency fund of between
10-20% to cover any unexpected costs that might arise when building work is in full swing. Byoot
can help you come up with a realistic budget and by using Byoot’s online portal you can monitor
your expenditures and keep on track of the overall cost of your renovation project relative to the
stage of the project.

• Using the wrong materials – Using incorrect building materials can create all sorts of problems
later on down the line and can have an impact on other aspects of the renovation project as well
as the overall finish. There is often so much choice with regards to the different types of
materials and making an ill informed choice could mean the difference between an on time, on
budget completion and running behind schedule and over spending on budget. For their clients
Byoot can work with trade professionals and designers to advise on the best materials and
products to use for each individual project.

• Taking on too much DIY – For some homeowners looking to renovate, undertaking work
themselves is an appealing option and allows them to control costs and quality, nonetheless try
not to be too over ambitious and plan to do more work than you have time or even the skills for.
Doing things incorrectly and unprofessionally could end up slowing the whole project down and
could end up costing a lot more time and money for a professional to redo what you have tried
do yourself.

Taking on a project house or building a new home from scratch can be a daunting prospect for any
homeowner. Byoot provides a full turnkey solution to our clients, from planning, architects,
structural engineers, building control and the build, leaving our clients to focus on their day jobs
while we do ours. If you are thinking of extending or renovating your home speak to one of the
team on 0208 4509185 or send us an email at

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