Baby Proofing

Baby Proofing Your Home


Being a new parent comes with many challenges and one of them is insuring that their little one is safe. So it is important that new parents consider baby proofing their home before the new bundle of joy arrives or certainly before they start crawling. A crawling baby can cover about quarter of a mile in just a few short minutes. Here are some of our top tips for homeowners looking to create a safe and secure home for their family.

One of the most obvious is to install stair gates to stop your little ones from injuring themselves by taking a tumble down the stairs in your property. Putting a stair gate at the bottom and at the top of the stairs can help to prevent children from getting down the stairs as well as up the stairs unaided. 

As a homeowner you are likely to own lots of highly toxic products and normally you wouldn’t bat an eye lid at where to keep these items however to a child they are not aware of how dangerous these items can be if swallowed or inhaled. Homeowners with children should consider high storage cupboards for medicines, toiletries and cleaning products. 

Especially in warmer weather you may decide to have a window open in the nursery or in fact else where in the house and whilst it can be beneficial for both the child and the parents to get some fresh air, windows can present a considerable amount of danger especially if furniture is too close to the window. It is therefore a good idea to place furniture such as the changing mat a safe distance away from windows.

The crawling and walking stage can be very exciting for new parents nonetheless toddlers who are learning to crawl and walk can be clumsy and therefore you might want to take a look and see if there are any sharp corners which you need to put some sort of protective cover over in order to prevent any bumps and scrapes, you could even tape a bit of polystyrene or something over as a temporary measure. 

Weaning a baby onto solid food can be great fun for both the child and the parent however it can mean that dinner time can be a very messy event and so it is important to be prepared for food flying everywhere. Having an easily wipeable kitchen floor is a good start, as a homeowner and parent you will probably be keen to keep your home clean to prevent bacteria from building up and germs spreading. 

Radiators and fires can pose a high risk of burns to young children. It is important therefore for parents to consider putting guards around both radiators and fireplaces in addition to keeping a watchful eye over their children when they are in the same room as a fire or radiator that is on.

Lastly but not least babies are not able to regulate their own body temperature so it is important to make sure the temperature of your home is just right in order to prevent your little one from overheating or from getting too cold. SMART technology can make it easier for homeowners to monitor and control the temperature of their home. 

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