Are You Downsizing? Check Out These Top Tips…


Downsizing can be an exciting but also daunting experience and many struggle to deal with the fact that comprises will have to be made and ultimately the properties they will be looking at are likely to be dramatically smaller than the one they are currently residing in. People have to downsize for a number of reasons and in fact more and more people who rent are having to down size in order to own their own home. Whatever your reason for downsizing whether it be due to a change in finances, or perhaps you are retiring and looking to down size to go travelling or to just have a more manageable sized home, our three top tips are here to help you get the most out of your downsizing experience.


By its very nature downsizing requires compromise and therefore it is crucial before you even begin the process of looking for a property, that you have a clear idea of what your ‘must haves’ are and what the things that would be ‘nice to have’ but you are willing to compromise on. For example you might be used to an ensuite bathroom in your bedroom however after careful consideration you might decide this is a ‘nice to have’ but instead the ‘must have’ might be that the bathroom needs to be on the same floor as the main bedroom. It is important when deciding on ‘must haves’ to be realistic and also a little flexible. If perhaps the house does not currently have one of your ‘must haves’ you might want to think about whether there is potential to add it at a later date, especially if the property ticks all the other boxes. For example if one of your ‘must haves’ is a shower but the property you are considering only has a bath this might be something you could add in once the property had been bought. Byoot can help with home improvement projects no matter how small, contact us for more information.

Keep In Mind The Reason You’re Downsizing…

As we said before people downsize for a number of reasons so it is important to keep this at the forefront of your mind as it will help you focus on the end goal. For those looking to downsize so that they can go travelling you might want be extra careful to stick to your property budget as although you might have more money in the bank it is likely by adding to your property budget you are reducing your travelling funds. 

Don’t rush…

It can be tempting to rush into buying a home especially if you are keen to get travelling or onto the property ladder but remember the saying ‘good things come to those who wait’. It is key to keep a level head when looking to purchase any property and downsizing is no different. Rushing into purchasing a property in order to start your retirement travelling may seem like a good idea at the time but remember that this might possibly be one of the last house moves you make and so it is important to make sure you don’t rush into anything and also that you think ahead and make sure that the house is suitable for the future as well as for now. 

Once you have downsized If you need some help with a renovation or build project no matter how small we can help. Byoot provides a full turnkey solution to our clients, from planning, architects, structural engineers, building control and the build, leaving our clients to focus on their day jobs while we do ours. If you are thinking of extending, renovating or improving your home speak to one of the team on 0208 4509185 or send us an email at

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