Easy Homemade Christmas Decorations

5 Easy Homemade Christmas Decorations  


The festive period can be a magical time of year, bringing friends and family together. In the lead up to Christmas Day homeowners decorate their homes with seasonal decorations from big outdoor light displays to a simple wreath on a front door. For those who are looking to be a bit more creative this year or perhaps looking to add a festive feel to their home without breaking the bank, we have put together our 5 Easy homemade Christmas decorations. So why not stick some Christmas music on and get the whole family involved in a creative session or two. 

  1. Christmas Wreaths – Shop bought wreaths are lovely but can be very expensive and not only that but often use non recyclable materials. So for homeowners who are looking to take a more environmentally friendly stance when decorating their home this winter, why not look at making your own wreath out of natural materials, holly, Pine Cones and Fern leaves are just to name a few. For that little extra special touch, especially if you are intending to use the wreath indoors why not also add some cinnamon sticks and orange segments, your home will not only look the part but will also smell the part too.
  2. Baubles – Homemade baubles are a fun and crafty way to make Christmas decorations that can even turn into keepsakes which make an appearance every year. There are many different design ideas and homeowners and their families can have fun choosing, from glass baubles which you can fill to create an almost snow globe effect, to flat stencils which you can decorate and personalise. Pintrest and Instragm are full of ideas for creative homeowners looking for some inspiration. 
  3. Stockings – In most hallmark Christmas movies there are some staple Christmas decorations and typically stockings by the fireplace are one of them. Why not get creative this year and either spruce a stocking you already have up or perhaps you might want to make one from scratch. A personalised handmade stocking is a lovely way to make a truly unique and festive piece for your home.
  4. Advent Calendar – Long since been a tradition in households across the UK, old and young enjoy opening a door to an advent calendar each day in the lead up to Christmas day starting on the 1st December. These days there are many different types of advent calendars however why not try and make your own this year, not only will you be able to fill it with your own goodies but you can also reuse it every year, in addition you will be helping to cut down on plastic waste. Once again both Pintrest and Instagram are great places to go to find some inspiration, from little boxes to hanging pockets or you could even refine your sewing silks with a little stocking for each day of advent with a big one for the big day. 
  5. Wapping Paper – We all love to treat our loved ones to gifts at Christmas, but why not get creative this year and make your own wrapping paper. By buying brown paper in bulk and decorating it yourself with things like ribbon and stamps you are not only bound to save a fortune but also have fun in the process, brown paper is also 100% recyclable. For those who want to be extra eco-friendly why not also try using twine ribbon instead of ordinary ribbon, these days you can actually buy it in a variety of colours including candy stripe red and white which can look really festive. 

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